Valorbyte has produced educational games for toddlers using the Unity game engine.

These apps are available for both iOS and Android platforms. They have been self-published and they are also available in Skidos Labs' learning games subscription for kids.


Heston Hogs' interactive storybook

Heston Hogs


Interactive toddlers' storybook designed for 2-5 year old children.

Development, animation and illustrations by Valorbyte 2020.

Download Heston Hogs: The Way Home on the App Store
Get Heston Hogs' interactive storybook on Google Play

Also available in Skidos Labs Learning Games subscription

View the full trailer on YouTube


Tiny mini forest: mini games for toddlers

Tiny Mini Forest

Educational app for toddlers

A fun game collection of 12 minigames designed for toddlers and preschoolers. Available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Tiny Mini Forest is part of Skidos Labs' Learning Games subscription package with the name "Animal Games".

Download Tiny Mini Forest on the App Store
Download Tiny Mini Forest on Google Play

Also available in Skidos Labs Learning Games subscription

View the full trailer on YouTube



Valorbyte also has self-published mobile apps to the App Store in the productivity category.

Finnish calendar



A popular calendar app published in 2018 that is designed to meet Finnish people's needs for a mobile calendar.

Name dates, week numbers, moon phases, almanac features and more!

Download Finnish Calendar on the App Store

The swift toolkit



A feature-rich receipt and document scanning app released in 2018. Specifically designed for creating lightweight accounting exports at the end of each month.

Discontinued in 2020. A new app with the same idea might be published later with a subscription model.



A spin-off project based on SwiftReceipt, but contains only the currency conversion functionality in the simplest form possible.

More of an UI demo and design experiment than an actual commercial product.

Download SwiftCurrency on the App Store

COllaborations and contract work

Public reference projects Valorbyte has participated in as a contractor

Topaasia: Serious games



Topaasia is a very effective digital collaboration tool to make your remote retrospectives and other remote meetings very time and cost-effective.

Valorbyte is both a contractor and a stakeholder in Topaasia.

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