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Antti Laitinen


About me

Hi, I am Antti Laitinen, the CEO and currently the sole employee of Valorbyte Oy, founded in 2018.

Work history


I studied software engineering in Tampere University of Technology and graduated in January 2016 with a major in Software Systems.


I have worked as a software developer / consultant for 10 years, of which the first 8 as an employee and after that as an entrepreneur.

I am interested in programming, the latest technologies and best practises in software development, but ultimately I see them more as tools to an end rather than a passion in itself.

My true passion lies in product development, user experience, visual design and customer value. I am also truly interested in the marketing and sales aspect of product development.


Unity: My go-to game engine for any game or visual work. Around two years of experience with two shipped and complete products that both have a publisher.

iOS: I am very experienced in Xcode and Swift. In my employment times, I worked on multiple released iOS apps. In Valorbyte, I have released a total of three revenue-generating Swift-based projects to the App Store.

Android: Apart from the Unity projects released to the Google Play, there are no apps of my own published for Android. However, I have worked on Android projects from in the past, and implemented them using both Java and Kotlin.

Web apps: There are uncountable number of web frameworks and libraries for both the backend and the frontend, but from the currently popular technologies I have experience in Node.js, Ruby on Rails, Djanjo (backend) and React, Redux and Redux-Saga (Frontend).


Valorbyte's premises can be found inside MOW Supernova, in the shopping mall of Ratina, Tampere.

Postal address:

Valorbyte Oy c/o MOW Supernova

Vuolteenkatu 1

33100 Tampere


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